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Our Best Selling Shower Head
Now with our Orca Valve

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Giessdorf 6 Shower Head System with Orca Valve
Everything you need in one complete system
A Powerful Combination 

Orca Professional Shower Valves feature:
Full Water Flow Ports For High Pressure Showering
Solid Brass valve body Construction, ceramic cartridge
Metal escutcheon with 7 inch dial plate and All Trim
Pressure balancing valve,
keeps your water temperature constant and you safe from being scalded
Shower stops - eliminates shutting off entire houses’ water supply if repairs are needed
Metal lever handle
Handle moves left to right for temperature control 
up and down for full volume control, a feature you won’t find on many other valves
Copper Connections
Giessdorf 8 Jet High Pressure Solid Brass Shower Head with Convenient Hand Held
The hand held provides a safe option for those that need to sit while showering.
The powerful hand held spray also makes it easier to clean your shower or wash the dog.
Both Shower heads have Adjustable 3 Position Sprays
Solid Brass Shower Arm and Flange
Diverter Valve Transfers Water to Hand Held Shower head.
69 inch Deluxe Heavy Duty Stainless Shower Hose.
Wall Bracket Suction Cup or Screw Mount for hand held

Thread Sealing Tape
The most powerful shower head you've ever used.

The Giessdorf 8 Jet shower headss will give you what many of our customers say is "the best shower I've ever had!



$325.95 ea.


Chrome Giessdorf VI Shower System with Valve



$420.95 ea.


Brushed Nickel Giessdorf VI Shower System with Valve



$474.95 ea.


Oil Rub Bronze Giessdorf VI Shower System with Valve

Giessdorf shower heads only

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