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Thermostatic Shower Systems
Featuring Danze Thermostatic Shower Valves

Our Shower Systems include everything needed to complete your shower, from shower heads to valves

What is a Thermostatic Shower Valve

Thermostatic valves have two handles, one that controls the mix of hot and cold, and another that turns the water on and off, and controls the volume of water passing through the valve. The mixing valve in thermostatic valves senses the temperature of the water, and constantly adjusts the mix of hot and cold to maintain the temperature you select. It is not necessary to turn the mix handle to turn the water on or off. Once you select a temperature, the valve will automatically go to that temperature again when the water is turned on. These valves are also pressure balanced, so there’s no worry about being scalded when showering.

Danze Two Handle Thermostatic Shower Valve with Volume Control
Includes: In-wall valve, 3-port thermostatic valve with ceramic disc volume control, with stop
1/2 inch combination MIPS / Copper female sweat hook up on all 3 ports.
With temperature limit adjustment Plaster guard, Mounting brackets included
Includes ALL trim, escutcheon, control handle and temperature selection handle

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