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Pressure Balanced Shower Systems, Anti Scald Shower Valves
Our Shower Faucet Systems include Everything needed to complete your shower
You get the complete package from the shower heads to the valves in one click!

We're in the business of turning simple showers into great bathing experiences.
We'd like to introduce you to the pleasures that a quality shower has to offer, day out.
Not only are our shower faucets and heads uniquely beautiful, but they're also built to last.
A new shower head is usually the least expensive and fastest way to create a home spa-like environment.
Many styles are available offering a multitude of spray patterns for a truly wonderful showering experience.
Our pressure balanced shower systems keep your water temperature constant, even when water is being used elsewhere in the home. This Keeps you and your family safe from scalding water, so you really can relax and enjoy your shower

Our Orca shower faucet not only moves from left to right for temperature control
but also up and down for volume, creating a truly powerful shower.
We turn simple showers into great bathing experiences

To Learn more about our Orca Shower Valves

All Shower Systems are Pressure Balanced

Beacon Bar (Valve & Spout) (2)

Beacon II with Valve


 Polaris 2 Shower System

520810 valve

Mermaid Shower Faucet System

520746 valve

 Voyager Shower Systems

520855 valve

Polaris Shower Systems


Mariner ll Shower System

Atlantis 6 with valve only

Atlantis 6 Shower System

Atlantis 7 with valve only

Atlantis 7 Shower System

Atlantis 2 Small

Atlantis 2 Shower System

520741 valve

Atlantis 5 Shower System


 Dolphin ll Shower Faucet


Mariner Shower System

Gold Shower Valve

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in the Continental US
Call for shipping outside the
Continental US  1-480-860-6876

Zoe Shower Systems
with Moen Moentrol Valves

Atlantis 10 with valve

Atlantis 10 Shower System
with Moen Valve

Atlantis 10.H-1

Atlantis 10.H Shower System With Moen Valve

Atlantis 12 and 14 Shower system
with Moen Valve


Giessdorf System

Giessdorf 10 Shower System
with Moen Valve


Dolphin Vll Shower System
with Moen Valve

Zoe Orca Shower Valves

Orca and Shower Head on White

Zoe Orca Shower Faucets

Bathroom Shower Fixtures

For the best in shower faucets, count on Zoe Industries to provide high quality at low, discount prices. Our designer shower fixtures add style to your bathroom, and are some of the most durable products on the market. We manufacture the popular Atlantis line of Rain Heads also the Best Selling solid brass Giessdorf, as well as the convenient Mariner II shower head with hand held and many more.

Zoe Industries wall-mounted and hand-held shower heads come in a variety of stylish finishes, from the newest oil rub bronze to brushed nickel, classic chrome, and the hard to find polished brass. We have something for everyone’s style and needs.

Thermostatic Shower Systems

tub spout

Bath Tub Shower Systems

Replacement Tub Spouts

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