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Hand Held Shower Head Types

You can upgrade your shower by installing a handheld shower on an adjustable shower head slide bar.
This way the tallest and shortest members of the family will be able to enjoy their shower.
You'll gain 6-8" in height by installing a height adjustable shower head.
Taller members of the family will no longer have to stoop over to get their hair wet
These shower heads also make it convenient for disabled people to enjoy a good shower while having to remain seated.
Your kids no longer have to fear getting soap and water in their eyes. They will now have the control to direct the water where they want it.
This makes for the perfect child friendly shower head.
Have a dirty dog and it's too cold outside for a bath...put Fido in the shower and wash him in no time with your own home dog shower
Cleaning the shower and tub becomes a much easier task, you just point the handheld shower head to rinse off the walls and floor.

 Voyager Hand Held Shower Head
This shower head can work as a fixed shower or a handheld.
The swivel bracket allows you to conveniently point the shower head at different angles

With the 3 position shower head, enjoy full force, massaging or rain mist sprays
Includes solid brass shower arm and wall flange
59” deluxe stainless steel spiral hose
Solid metal swivel holder bracket, no more plastic brackets! This one will not break.
Available in chrome, gold, brushed nickel or oil rub bronze

What would you like: refresh your body and soul with a fine spray, or a pulsating muscle-soothing massage that caresses and relaxes.

There's nothing like indulging yourself in a spa shower head , with the water directed at just the right spot.
By directing the flow of water where you want it, the handheld shower heads become extremely versatile and convenient.
Handheld shower heads are attached to a flexible hose, making it easy to reach everywhere.
You can also snap them onto a adjustable bar for hands free showering.

A great feature of adjustable hand held shower heads is the ability to change spray settings. With the simple turn of the adjustment ring on the outside of the head, you control the water pattern. Some people like a forceful spray, others enjoy a softer rain like pattern, there’s also a therapeutic pulsing massage .
Whatever you enjoy, you have the choice of many different settings.

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