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Luxury Multi Headed Shower Heads
Multiple Shower Heads Nautilus ll by Zoe Industries

Ease of use and total functionality are the trademark design of these luxury showers.
You’ll be able to experience water drenching pleasure like those enjoyed in luxury designer bathrooms.
Take a look at some of these multiple shower heads from the manufacturer showerbuddy

Nautilus II Shower Head is a triple headed design created for a luxurious showering experience.
This shower head is one of showerbuddy’s best selling multiple shower heads.

The swivel shower heads turn in any direction for complete body coverage
3 different spray patterns fine mist, massaging, exhilarating spray
You’re able to mix or match spray patterns to optimize your showering pleasure.
The shut off valves turn your shower into a custom shower
by running 1, 2 or all three heads at the same time.
Can be mounted either horizontally or vertically to create an unique bathroom shower.
Needs only standard water pressure of 55 lbs. to operate.
Includes “S” 4-1/2” shower arm which fits any standard 1/2” socket
Comes with Thread Sealing tape

Nautilus II Shower Head
Available in chrome, gold, brushed nickel and chrome and gold
  See Nautilus II Showering System
for a complete custom shower faucet and shower head package
Polaris and Polaris II offer flexible customized multiple shower heads
The Polaris I and II come with 1 hand held and 2 shower heads for total versatility.
Each has a solid plated brass manifold.
Available in brushed satin nickel, chrome or gold finish
Comes with swivel shower heads, for creating your custom shower.
Covers your entire body from shoulder to shoulder.
Needs only standard water pressure of 55 pounds. to operate.
Includes shut off valves. Run 1, or 2 shower heads at the same time with diverter valve.
Includes “S” 4-1/2” shower arm
Each shower head has 3 different spray positions with the capability to mix or match different spray patterns.
69” stainless steel spiral hose for hand held
Fits all standard 1/2” shower pipes.
Available in chrome, gold, brushed nickel or oil rub bronze

Polaris Shower Head comes with a wall bracket suction cup for mounting hand held shower head

Polaris II Shower Head includes a 24” solid brass adjustable slide bar

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