Useful Tips for Purchasing a Shower Head

Useful Tips for Purchasing a Shower Head

Useful Tips for Purchasing a Shower Head

One of the first questions you need to answer is: Do you need a shower valve or the shower head only? For your convenience, we offer packages with or without a shower valve. A shower valve, sometimes referred to as a shower faucet, is the part that turns the water on. It also regulates the temperature.

Our shower faucet (or valve) comes complete as shown, with all trim and handle. If your shower valve is working well, still looks good, and the finish will match your new shower head, then there is no reason to purchase a new shower valve.

If you’re changing finishes, such as going from chrome to brushed nickel, then you’ll need a new valve to match your new shower head. Check your order to make sure that a shower valve is included, if needed. It’s always a good idea to use a licensed plumber for installation of a valve.

What is the difference between pressure-balanced and thermostatic tub and shower faucets?

Single-control pressure-balance valves sense the change in the ratio of cold and hot water as the user turns the handle. A pressure-balance valve does not sense the actual temperature of the water, just the ratio of hot to cold water supplied to the valve. The bather must select the temperature of the shower each time it is used. It provides anti-scald protection.

Thermostatic valves have two handles, one that controls the mix of hot and cold, and another that turns the water on and off, and controls the volume of water passing through the valve. The mixing valve in thermostatic valve senses the temperature of the water and constantly adjusts the mix of hot and cold to maintain the temperature selected. It is not necessary to turn the mix handle to turn the water on or off. Once the bather selects a temperature, the valve will automatically go to that temperature again when the water is turned on.

Can I get more water pressure from a shower head?

Standard water pressure in most homes is 55 PSI, PSI is pounds per square inch. All of our shower heads are manufactured to perform with standard pressure. While there is no shower head that will improve the water pressure coming into your house, our shower heads are manufactured to make the best of your available water pressure. Also, our Orca valves are full port valves, meaning there is NO restriction on the water passing through them.

What style of shower head should I buy?

Solid Brass Hand Held Multi-Head Rain Head Combination

A shower is supposed to be enjoyable; you’ll use it at least once a day for the rest of your life. It’s your caffeine in the morning... your Zen green tea in the evening... your rainforest in a bustling world. So take your time and look through all the great options available to you.

Start by combining a hand-held shower with a fixed shower head and you’ve created a very versatile showering system. You get the classic overhead water, with the versatility of the handheld shower, and when it comes to cleaning the shower, a hand held can't be beat for spraying those hard-to-reach corners. Rain Heads are fairly new to the market and really become the focal point of the bathroom with their beautiful design. Or perhaps you just want a classic shower head that delivers an incredible showering experience like the Giessdorf shower head. And families will enjoy having their hand-held shower head on a slide bar which meets the needs of everyone from small to tall.

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What finishes are available?

Chrome - this is the most common finish and one of the most durable. It is simply a shiny chrome plating over brass or plastic. It's a classic, easy to match, and never goes out of style.

Brushed Nickel - one of the most beautiful and most expensive finishes available. The surface of the item is chrome plated and then hand brushed to give it a slight matte finish. The light brush marks are clearly visible. It is very durable and hides hard water spots.

Polished Brass - the most common finish for 'gold' shower heads and fixtures. The bare metal or plastic of the shower head is buffed to a high shine. The bare brass will tarnish if left unprotected so items are coated with a PVD finish, a protective coating (usually lacquer) to protect the brass from tarnish and wear.

Oil Rubbed Bronze - This is one of the most popular finishes these days. With a traditional appearance, this finish is a perfect complement to contemporary or traditional looks with its versatile aesthetic and warm classic tones. The color of oil rubbed bronze is usually brown illuminated by distinctive copper highlights with copper undertones. There is quite a variety of interpretations of this finish; all oil rubbed bronze finishes do not match, so take this into consideration when purchasing your shower head.

What is PVD?

Polished brass is the finish most associated with the term PVD, because of its tendency to tarnish. PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) uses a state-of-the-art process that molecularly bonds the finish to the shower head or any other part, creating a super-hard surface that is by far the most durable available today. Products with a PVD finish will not corrode, discolor, or tarnish. Even high wear and tear items like shower heads and hoses. The final deposited layer, or color layer, is extremely durable and highly brilliant in color.

These cutting edge finishes are so effective; we guarantee them for life against tarnishing, PVD has proven resistant to over 100 cleaning products and can withstand many harsh environmental factors such as salt air and hard water.

Zoe Industries, Inc. is a small independent business with the flexibility to make changes quickly and easily. As a small business, we tend to be friendlier with our customers, we actually talk to some of you, which results in greater knowledge of what you want and we know our products and stand by them. In fact, some of our best ideas were created by our customers' demands. Being a small business gives us the flexibility to make changes easily. Our products are stocked on-site in our Scottsdale Arizona warehouse. Our employees are familiar with our products and have the ability to customize any shower system ordered. With freedom from the constraints imposed by Corporate chain of command, we are allowed to make decisions on a case-to-case basis.

Every customer is treated as an individual, not a statistical group. Every customer counts!

Freedom to operate independently is an advantage of owning a small business.

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