Giessdorf 10 Shower Head System with Orca 2 Valve

Giessdorf 10 Shower Head System with Orca 2 Valve

Giessdorf 10 Shower Head System with Orca 2 Valve
From $640.95

Now you can have our Super Giessdorf Shower Head with an Adjustable Hand Held, plus the powerful Orca 2 Valve for complete versatility.

The Orca’s Diverter Transfer Valves allow you to shower with the Giessdorf 8 Jet shower head or the Handheld Shower Head.

The Giessdorf 8 Jet High Pressure Solid Brass Shower Head System with Orca 2 Valve is our #1 best seller. It is manufactured of solid brass with 8 adjustable shower jets producing 64 streams of water.

The 1/2 inch brass ball swivel joint allows the shower head to conveniently swivel. The high-pressure shower system has an easy turn lever for adjusting spray patterns.

The hand held option provides a safe choice for those who need to sit while showering.

The powerful hand held spray also makes it easier to clean your shower or wash the dog.

The Hand Held Shower Head System with Moen Valve has an adjustable 3-position spray.

The high pressure shower system includes a solid brass shower arm and flange, an extra long 69-inch deluxe heavy duty stainless shower hose, a solid brass wall elbow to place the hand held where you want it, and a heavy duty slide bar that holds the hand held and allows you to adjust angles and raise or lower the shower height.

Thread sealing tape is also included.

The Orca 2 Valve comes with a built-in 2 function transfer valve,

and pressure balancing anti-scald valve. All trim and handle are included as well as 1/2 inch copper sweat or IPS inlets.

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