Orca Shower Valve

Orca Shower Valve

Orca Shower Valve
From $180.95

Introducing the Zoe Orca Anti-Scald Shower Valves, a breakthrough in shower valve technology designed to deliver both safety and performance. Engineered for precision and durability, the Orca Valve stands out with its powerful single-handle operation, offering a seamless blend of temperature and volume control within a compact, efficient design.

At the heart of the Orca's design is its full port construction, eliminating water restrictions to provide a high-pressure showering experience that doesn't compromise on comfort or efficiency. Each valve includes the valve body and all necessary trim, featuring a metal escutcheon with a 7-inch dial plate, ensuring a sleek, integrated look in your shower space.

Constructed from solid brass, the Orca Shower Valve is built to last, with high-quality finishes that resist wear and maintain their luster over time. The metal lever control handle is intuitively designed for ease of use, moving left to right for precise temperature adjustment and up and down for volume control – a unique feature that sets the Orca apart from its competitors.

Safety is paramount with the Orca, incorporating a single lever thermostatic mechanism that is pressure balanced to maintain constant water temperature and prevent scalding. The ceramic cartridge ensures long-lasting performance, while C x C copper connections or 1/2” fittings provide versatility in installation. Integral stops, or shut-off valves, offer added convenience and safety during maintenance.

With full water flow ports designed for high-pressure showering, the Zoe Orca Anti-Scald Shower Valves represent the pinnacle of shower valve innovation, ensuring a safe, enjoyable, and luxurious showering experience that meets the needs of the most discerning users.

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