Beacon 2

Beacon 2

Beacon 2
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The Beacon 2 Shower System embodies the essence of rainfall shower in a sleek, modern design. At its core is a stainless steel rain shower head with 60 high-volume spray jets spanning a 6-inch diameter, creating a soothing downpour that replicates natural rain. The high-power rubber spray nozzles are easy to clean and provide a maintenance-free, high-flow showering experience. A diverter valve allows for easy switching between the high-flow Beacon shower head and the handheld option, offering versatility in your cleansing routine.

This system is enhanced by a 69-inch heavy-duty stainless steel, anti-twist shower hose designed for worry-free use over many years. The addition of a 4-1/2-inch shower riser arm adds height, making the shower spacious and comfortable. The handheld component features a 3-position adjustable spray, allowing for personalized settings to suit individual preferences.

To complete the system, a solid brass 24-inch adjustable shower slide bar is included, enabling the handheld to be positioned at any height or angle for an optimal showering experience. The package contains all necessary components for a full installation: rain head, handheld shower, solid brass shower arm, diverter valve, wall flange, 24-inch solid brass slide bar, 69-inch stainless steel non-kinking hose, and thread sealing tape.

Available in Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and Matte Black finishes, the Beacon 2 offers aesthetic flexibility to complement any bathroom decor, ensuring your shower is not only a relaxing haven but also a stylish statement.

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