Dolphin 2

Dolphin 2

Dolphin 2
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An embodiment of flexibility and durability, the Dolphin 2 is designed to cater to a wide range of showering needs. Whether you're outfitting a commercial space or seeking an adaptable solution for your home bathroom, the Dolphin 2 stands out for its blend of functionality and style. Its innovative wall supply design permits the placement of the shower head with a long hose anywhere within your space, offering the ultimate in convenience and adaptability.

Designed to function seamlessly as both a handheld and a fixed shower head, the Dolphin 2 includes a slide bar that allows for effortless adjustment of the shower head's position, catering to baths, showers, and users of all heights. A 1/2-inch drop wall elbow and a vacuum breaker are features of this commercial-grade shower system that allow for flexible installation options, whether high or low, and improve safety and hygiene.

The package features an extra-long 69-inch deluxe stainless chrome hose, engineered to resist curling or crimping, ensuring smooth water flow and extended reach. The adjustable 3-position commercial handheld shower head provides a variety of spray options to suit any preference, from a gentle mist to a powerful jet, offering a customizable showering experience.

The inclusion of a 24-inch solid brass adjustable slide bar adds another layer of versatility, allowing the shower head to be moved up or down with ease, making it a perfect fit for barrier-free showers. This feature, along with the shower head's overall design, makes the Dolphin 2 an ideal choice for handicap-accessible showers, offering ease of use for the physically challenged without sacrificing style or quality.

Elevate your shower experience with the Versatile Dolphin 2 Shower Head, where functionality meets commercial-grade durability, providing a stylish and barrier-free solution for every showering need.

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