Square Beacon 2 Shower System

Square Beacon 2 Shower System

Square Beacon 2 Shower System
From $279.95

The Square Beacon 2 stainless steel rain shower head offers 60 high volume spray jets in an 8-inch square stainless steel rain shower head. It features easy self-cleaning high-power rubber spray nozzles and a diverter valve conveniently located to move water from the Beacon high flow shower head to the handheld 69-inch heavy-duty stainless steel, anti-twist shower hose for years of worry-free use. It also includes a 4-1/2 inch shower riser arm for added height.

The 3-position adjustable spray handheld shower head is made of solid brass and comes with a 24-inch adjustable shower slide bar that allows you to adjust the handheld in any position up or down and any angle forward.

The set includes the rain head, handheld shower, solid brass shower arm, diverter valve, wall flange, 24-inch solid brass slide bar, 69-inch stainless steel non-kinking hose, and thread sealing tape.

The high flow shower head is available in chrome, brushed nickel, and matte black finishes.

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