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Hand Held Handicap Shower Heads Designed with Sitting in a Shower in Mind

For individuals with limited mobility, a hand-held shower head provides more independence, as the flexibility allows for effective cleaning while seated.

In addition, caregivers will find that hand-held shower heads are a convenient tool for bathing patients easily, enabling them to direct the water to where it’s needed.


Voyager 2 light black

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Mariner 7

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 Voyager 2 Hand Held Shower Head

The hand held is the most versatile of shower heads for bathtubs and showers. Convert any standard shower head to a Luxury Shower in minutes
Adjustable height convenient for all members of the family. Excellent for showering while sitting in a chair or in the tub

Our best selling best selling sit down shower system...
Solid Brass 24” Slide bar to position water where its needed, Adjustable 3 Position Shower Head. Choose from Pulsating, Full Soft Spray and Powerful spray.
Includes solid brass Slide Bar, Flange and convenient Pause Control
Hand Held Shower Head, Heavy Duty 69 inch Stainless Hose,!
Thread Sealing Tape included
Available in long lasting finishes: Chrome, Brushed Nickel,


Mariner 7 Dual Shower Head System

With Adjustable Height Shower Arm

  • Meets the Needs of Everyone in the Family
    A Powerful Shower with a Versatile Hand Held
    Diverter valve is within easy reach at the bottom of the slide bar Easily transfers water from shower head to hand held
    Zoe’s Mariner 7 Double Shower Head System Includes:                    
    Handheld Shower, a Fixed Shower Head, on an Adjustable Height Shower Arm, Slide Bar, Stainless Steel  Shower Hose.
  • The Shower Head Provides 5 spray settings,
    Solid Brass 18 inch Adjustable Slide Bar                                         Water diverter located at the bottom of the slide bar for easy reach. Shower arm adjusts up and down to give added showering space
    Dual Shower Heads have 5 Different Position Sprays
    Hand Held Adjusts up or Down and  tilts in any Position
    Solid Brass Shower Arm, Flange and Diverter Valve.
    59 inch Deluxe Stainless Hose, no more crimping
    Our Slide Bar Shower Head System is Excellent for Barrier Free Showers

Convert Bath Tubs only to Hand Held Shower Heads

Bath Tub Hand Held Shower Head Kit. Includes Tub Spout with
threaded Inlet. Has Hose Outlet with Diverter Tub Spout. 69 inch €Deluxe Metal Hose, Three Position Hand Held Shower Head, Wall Mount Suction Cup or Screw Mount

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