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8 Jet Brass Giessdorf Shower Heads with Handheld Shower Head

Giessdorf® is a registered trade name of Zoe Industries, Inc.

Exclusively Ours
Customers asked for it, and we built it. Now you can have the popular Giessdorf brass shower head with handheld.
Giessdorf 8 jet Brass Giessdorf shower heads are manufactured with 3 Pounds of Solid Brass.
Adjustable Spray on both the Giessdorf shower head and the hand held shower head for added versatility
Available with our hand held shower bracket or 24 inch Solid Brass Shower Bar.
The most powerful shower head you've ever used.
Many of our customers say this brass shower head with handheld is  "the best shower I've ever had!"


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View of Giessdorf Shower Head

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