Are you doing a complete remodel (opening the walls) or just replacing the shower head?

If your opening up the wall it’s always a good idea to replace the shower valve. If you just replacing the shower head, any of our systems will work. 

Are you looking for a Rain style shower system or a multi head shower system?

Rain showers offer a spa experience. Multi head shower systems offer more pressure with better coverage. 

Do you need the valve that turns the water on and off?

Always pick a quality valve. Our Orca valve is a single handle that allows you to control the water flow and the temperature

Is the valve a high flow valve or is it restricted?

Our Orca valve offers a water flow of 6 GPM Is the system made of brass and stainless steel for many years of use.

There are a lot of systems that look like they are using metal components but are using plastic. All our systems are made of high quality brass and stainless steel. 

Does the kit include everything you will need in one box or do you have to buy all the components separately?

Our systems come with everything you will need in one box. No searching different internet sights for all the parts you need for your new shower.

Is it easy to install?

Our shower systems can be installed standard household tools in less then 30 min. In most cases they come with easy to follow 10 step installation process. 

Are all the parts you need in stock and available to ship next day so your project is not delayed? 

All of our parts are in stock at our Arizona location and ready to the same or next day. 

Are you buying direct from the manufacturer or from a third party?

All the parts are manufactured for Zoe. No guessing where the parts are coming from. 

Will you get technical support if needed?

We offer technical phone support 5 days a week, Monday though Friday. 

Are replacement parts available if needed?

If you ever need replacement parts, they ship same or next day.

What are some state and local government limits on GPM?

While a 2.5 GPM shower head is allowed by federal law, some states have gone even further to curb residential indoor water use.

  • New York, Massachusetts, Colorado, Maine, and Vermont require new shower heads to have a maximum GPM of 2.0. Rhode Island joined that list in 2023.
  • California, Washington, Oregon, and Hawaii set their max at 1.8 GPM for modern shower heads.

Find out more about your state’s maximum water flow rate allowance here.

Local governments are also getting in on the action. Sometimes, their regulations are even stricter than state and national rules. For example, in West Hollywood, California, all shower heads are required to have a maximum flow rate of 1.5 GPM.

Some communities also offer incentives and rebates to residents who voluntarily install low-flow shower heads. These are usually offered through local utility companies, so check with your water provider about their incentive programs.

What's the difference between flow rate and water pressure?

While flow rate measures how many gallons of water flow out of your shower head per minute, water pressure is the force with which that water comes out. The two terms are often confused, but they're actually pretty different.

Water pressure is determined by your home's plumbing and municipal water supply. In general, most U.S. homes have a water pressure of 40 to 80 PSI (pounds per square inch). If you live in an older home, your water pressure might be lower. You can test your home's water pressure with a pressure gauge, which you can attach to an outdoor faucet or your kitchen sink.

Can a low-flow shower head provide higher pressure?

If your home has low water pressure, you might be wondering if a low-flow shower head can help. The answer is maybe. The right shower head can make it feel like the water is coming out with more force.

Try a shower head with multiple spray patterns. Certain settings may direct the water in a way that gives you the experience of a high-pressure shower head, even with a low flow rate. You might also want to look for a shower head with an easy-to-clean nozzle. Mineral buildup can cause your shower head's holes to become clogged and get in the way of water flowing.

How do you figure out your shower’s GPM?

If you’re shopping for a new shower head, it’s a great idea to test your shower’s GPM before you swap out your old shower head model. It’ll narrow down the best options for you.

The bucket test is the easiest way to measure flow rate. Before you start, turn off every faucet and every appliance that uses running water. This will help you get an accurate read. Next, grab a one-gallon bucket and a stopwatch. With your water on full blast, fill the bucket, timing how long it takes. Your shower’s GPM will be 1 gallon divided by that time, converted to minutes.

Tip: If you live in a multi-level house, test your flow rate in a bathroom on the lowest floor so that you’re closer to your water supply.

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