Mermaid Line

Mermaid Line

Mermaid Line
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The Mermaid Double Shower Heads offer a transformative showering experience by combining the convenience of a handheld shower with the enveloping pleasure of a stationary head. This system allows users to choose between using one or both shower heads simultaneously, allowing them to customize their shower experience based on their preferences each day. Each head can swivel independently to ensure coverage in all directions, and is mounted on a solid brass, chrome-plated dual manifold for durability and elegance.

This system features one adjustable 3-position shower head and one versatile handheld shower head with 3 spray patterns, making it adaptable to every need and mood. The 69-inch heavy-duty stainless shower hose provides extensive reach and mobility, and is complemented by a solid brass handheld swivel bracket designed for longevity. With the addition of a solid brass shut-off valve, users can easily control the flow to one or both heads, enhancing the flexibility of their showering experience.

The graceful 4-1/2 inch S shower arm, along with a matching flange, adds extra showering space and fits all standard 1/2 inch shower arms, ensuring an easy installation process with the included thread sealing tape.

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