Voyager 2 Hand Held Shower Head

Voyager 2 Hand Held Shower Head

Voyager 2 Hand Held Shower Head
From $149.95

The handheld shower head with an adjustable bar is the most versatile option for bathtubs and showers. Easily convert any standard shower head to a luxury shower in minutes. The adjustable height makes it convenient for all family members to use. This is our best-selling sit-down shower system.

The system includes a solid brass 24" slide bar to position the water where it's needed, along with an adjustable 3-position shower head. Choose from pulsating, full soft spray, and powerful spray options.

It also comes with a solid brass slide bar, flange, and convenient pause control feature.

The hand-held shower head comes with a heavy-duty 69-inch stainless hose and thread sealing tape included. The sit-down shower system is available in long-lasting finishes such as chrome, brushed nickel, and matte black.

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