3 Way Shower Head Diverter Valve

3 Way Shower Head Diverter Valve

3 Way Shower Head Diverter Valve
From $40.95

The 3-Way Shower Head Diverter Valve is a practical and efficient solution for enhancing your shower system. Constructed from solid brass for durability and reliability, this exclusive design is an ideal addition to any shower setup. It offers three distinct positions for water delivery: Position 1 directs water to the shower head only, Position 2 to the handheld shower head only, and Position 3 allows for simultaneous water flow to both shower heads, maximising your showering options.

Installation is straightforward, with a simple screw-on mechanism that fits all standard 1/2-inch shower arm inlets and 1/2-inch shower hose outlets, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of shower systems. This brass shower head splitter is available in a variety of finishes, including chrome, brushed nickel, gold, oil-rubbed bronze, and Venetian, allowing you to match it seamlessly with your existing shower fixtures and bathroom decor.

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