Mariner 2 Dual Shower Heads

Mariner 2 Dual Shower Heads

Mariner 2 Dual Shower Heads
From $195.99

A Great Shower System

Meets the Needs of Everyone in the Family.

Featuring a powerful shower head with a versatile hand-held sprayer, the diverter valve easily transfers water from the shower head to the hand-held device. Zoe’s Mariner 2 Shower heads include a solid brass 24-inch adjustable shower slide bar. The dual shower heads offer three different position sprays, adjusting up or down, while the hand-held component tilts in any position. The system also includes a solid brass shower arm, flange, and diverter valve, along with a 69-inch deluxe stainless hose that eliminates crimping.

This double shower head system is ideal for use in barrier-free showers, hotels, resorts, hospitals, and luxury homes.

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