Polaris ll Multi Head Shower System

Polaris ll Multi Head Shower System

Polaris ll Multi Head Shower System
From $304.95

A Beautiful and Powerfully Versatile Combination

This powerful shower system needs only standard water pressure of 55 lbs. to operate. The dual manifold is made of solid plated brass. It includes one versatile hand-held shower head and two high-flow shower heads with three different spray positions. You can mix or match different spray patterns depending on your mood. The high-flow shower heads swivel in all directions and have 100% shut-off valves.

The multi-head shower system covers your entire body from shoulder to shoulder. The solid brass diverter valve easily moves water to the handheld shower head. It also includes a 4-1/2 inch S shower arm for added showering height.

A 69 inch deluxe heavy-duty stainless hose that won't crimp, and a 24 inch solid brass adjustable slide bar to move the handheld shower head up and down. It fits all standard 1/2 inch shower arms and

includes thread sealing tape.

This multi-head shower system is sure to keep everyone in the house happy!

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