Atlantis 6 & 8 Rain Shower Head Combinations

Atlantis 6 & 8 Rain Shower Head Combinations

Atlantis 6 & 8 Rain Shower Head Combinations
From $265.95

Elevate your showering experience with the Atlantis Shower Head, meticulously designed to blend elegance with unparalleled functionality. This exquisite collection centers around an oversized 8 or 10-inch stainless steel rainfall shower head, offering a broad, soothing spray through its strategically placed nozzles. A luxurious, adjustable hand-held shower head completes the set and offers customizable comfort with its multi-position settings.

Enhanced by a high-rise shower arm, the Atlantis line extends your showering space, offering an unmatched, luxurious experience. The included diverter valve ensures a smooth transition between the rainfall and hand-held shower heads, while the durable stainless steel shower hose guarantees kink-free operation. The ensemble is perfected with a convenient, adjustable solid brass shower bar, allowing for easy positioning of the hand-held shower head to suit your preferences.

The Atlantis Shower Head line is designed with longevity and style in mind, featuring options in several exquisite finishes to match your bathroom's decor. Each finish is carefully chosen for its durability and resistance to tarnishing, ensuring that your shower remains a focal point of luxury and sophistication for years to come. With the Atlantis line, you'll transform your daily routine into a blissful, spa-like experience, making every shower a moment to cherish.

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