Zoe Crescent Curved Shower Curtain Rod

Zoe Crescent Curved Shower Curtain Rod

Zoe Crescent Curved Shower Curtain Rod
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Dry floors prevent sub-floor damage Increased shower space for a more luxurious shower  Real elbow room... Fits standard 5 foot tubs Perfect for both oval and standard tubs

Easy Istallation. Hardware Included.

The  curved shower curtain rod design  creates real elbow room by curving in 3 inches at the corners to stop leaks and outward 6 inches creating 25 percent more space. Also perfect for oval tubs! The Zoe Crescent Curved Shower Curtain Rod features: • 1x 5 ft. L  1 inch dia. sturdy steel rod fits most standard 5 ft. tub installations ( rod may be cut for shorter enclosures ) • 2 x Unique matching swivel wall brackets • 3 available finishes - White, Polished Stainless Steel & Brushed Nickel • All mounting hardware included - wood screws, tile anchors, sheet rock anchors, set screws & allen wrench. • Uses standard length shower curtain • Easy installation

The Curved Shower Curtain rod that Renovates the Tub! The Patented Crescent Rod™ is the most dramatic change in the shower rod in 50 years. It Curves in ward at the corners to stop leaks… curves outward at the center, extending inches beyond the rim to add 25 percent more precious, comforting space. For 5 ft. Standard Tubs It curves 3 inches inward at the corners… to stop leaks. It curves 6 inches outward in the middle, beyond the tub's rim… creating lots of extra space. For 5 ft. Oval Tubs - A union of shape and style No oval tub should be without it. Increased Space Gives your standard tub the same extra standing - elbow room of the much wider oval tub.

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