Handheld Shower Head Slide Bars

Handheld Shower Head Slide Bars

Handheld Shower Head Slide Bars
From $88.95

Update your shower easily with the Zoe Hand Held Brass Shower Slide Bars, available in both 24-inch and 36-inch lengths. These slide bars are designed to provide a modern, stylish way to adjust the height of your shower, ensuring a customizable showering experience for every family member, including those with physical challenges.

Constructed from heavy-duty all-brass metal, these slide bars are durable and versatile. The set includes the slide shower bar, matching flanges, and a swivel arm bracket that securely holds the handheld shower head at your preferred height and angle, while also keeping it conveniently out of the way when not in use.

Available in a variety of finishes including Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Gold, and Oil Rubbed Bronze and Matte Black, the Zoe Handheld Shower Bar set is designed to complement any bathroom decor, providing an easy and effective way to upgrade your shower setup.

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